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Golden Gladiator

Treasure Tier Bonus
Symbol Fusion
A man robbed of his love and dignity strives to win them back in this epic historical drama. Some time ago, he was banished to fight in the war. A decision enforced by the emperor to break apart his daughter from a man he felt did not deserve her love. Now seeking revenge, the man returned as a capable warrior to fight back for his freedom and marry his true love. Only, he came back to find her promised to the last standing man in a grand battle arranged by the emperor. Now, he must fight to the death and become the Golden Gladiator. Play this one-of-a-kind slot to watch this heart-stopping love story and ultimate battle unfold! Play across 6 distinct sets of reels that can match to form big wins in Golden Gladiator. 6 2-by-2 reels. Symbol Fusion and the Treasure Tier Bonus.

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