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Golden Goddess

Super Stacks
Her eyes tell a story that cannot be conveyed with words. Under majestic skies, this goddess inhabits a magical city where noble soldiers battle and mystical creatures play. Her golden locks shine so brightly under the setting sun that visitors are allured from near and far. Introducing for the first time ever - Super Stacks! This new feature from High 5 Games makes for compelling game play, as long stacks of symbols are more prone than ever to show up on reels to create big wins, complete with stunning animated graphics. Golden Goddess also offers the Pick-A-Super-Stack feature, which incorporates player choice in the free games bonus. Golden Goddess. Confidence. Beauty. Allure. A mystical experience and larger-than-life characters await you in this Utopian city. 3 by 5 reels. 10 and 40 paylines. Special Features: Super Stacks and the Pick-A-Super-Stack Feature.

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