Midnight Eclipse | High 5 Games
Midnight Eclipse | High 5 Games

Midnight Eclipse

Triple Symbols
Increasing Locked Wilds
Power and pain. Sex and sensuality. Glory and gold. In Midnight Eclipse, a supernatural world is on display with magnanimous characters struggling to take control of an epic environment. Step lightly into this new realm, where mystery resides and riches remain. If you liked Split Symbols, you'll love Triple Symbols. Split Symbols revolutionized slot gaming, because any one spot could now get up to two symbols in it for more winning combinations. Well, H5G has taken that feature to a whole new level with Triple Symbols (including Triple Wilds). Now, players can get up to three symbols in any one spot. Midnight Eclipse also features a fascinating bonus round with Increasing Locked Wilds. Get a wild in the bonus round and it stays there for the duration, even increasing in value on subsequent spins - from single wild to double wild to triple wild! Midnight Eclipse. Feel the power... 4 by 5 reels. 10 and 40 paylines. Special Features: Triple Symbols and Increasing Locked Wilds.

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