In Macau and Singapore, the land-based casino industry is booming. From Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, casinos continue to welcome and attract players from the world’s largest continent. But now, for the first time ever, there will be an online social casino designed specifically for players who want authentic Asian-themed casino games.

“We’re very excited to announce the launch of Shake the SkyTM, High 5 Games’ second social casino and the company’s first comprehensive product for the social and mobile Asian markets,” said Anthony Singer, CEO of High 5 Casino. “Shake the Sky will offer more than 30 region-specific games to tap into the growing enthusiasm players have for real slot content.”

As the premier destination for authentic Asian-themed slot games, Shake the Sky will offer proven slot titles from H5G’s existing collection (including top-performing games in Asia like West Journey Treasure HuntTM, Golden Three KingdomTM , and Four Great Chinese BeautiesTM) as well as never-before-seen brands before they premiere in real casinos around the world.

The casino will debut games specifically crafted for this audience featuring beautiful artwork, original music, and auspicious symbols. Players will recognize familiar themes inspired by soap operas, Wuxia films, and lifestyles throughout the 20th century, to name a few. Shake the SkyTM players will soon be the first in the world to experience upcoming real casino hits like Shanghai RoseTM and Zen PandaTM. The casino will also be the first on Facebook to pair Asian themes with premium trademarked slot features, like Super StacksTM , Super SymbolsTM, and Split SymbolsTM.

The style and gameplay of Shake the SkyTM will be modeled off of High 5 Casino, the highest rated social casino in the industry with 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. Shake the SkyTM will premiere on Facebook this month. Facebook team members were recently on-site at the High 5 Games office in New York to celebrate the announcement of the upcoming casino launch.

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West Journey Treasure HuntTM, Golden Three KingdomTM, Four Great Chinese BeautiesTM, Shanghai RoseTM, and Zen PandaTM were created by High 5 Games. The company is responsible for creating top industry features, including Super StacksTM, Super SymbolsTM, and Split SymbolsTM. For more information on High 5 Games (H5G), go to

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