High 5 Casino has brought the real slot experience to new people all over the world, but its impact on the land-based business of High 5 Games extends beyond simply introducing slot games to new players. The analytics team at H5G uses the vast amount of data available from its Facebook application to help the company shape future land-based releases.

When High 5 Casino launched in late 2012, it immediately allowed High 5 Games to learn directly from its players. The data from H5C allows High 5 Games to segment its collection of games in a variety of ways. The team can rank titles by calculating a game’s total spins, spins per session, and monetization. The analytics team also evaluates the effectiveness of app features and the variety of user geography and language: For instance, the most effective feature for attracting new players is friend invites, a large number of players are located in Argentina, and a growing percentage of all H5C spins are now conducted in Spanish.

Besides evaluating its own games, High 5 Games tries to learn more about what its players want. A number of tactics, including wide-ranging surveys offered to a large numbers of users, are employed to figure out what the typical player likes and does not like in terms of graphics, music, and features, and what types of themes would be successful in future games.     So what games are most popular on High 5 Casino? Currently, Secrets of the Forest, Shadow of the Panther, Renoir Riches, The Amulet and the Charm, and Thundering Buffalo are all very high on the list. The information gathered through High 5 Casino is considered as High 5 Games creates new games meant for land-based casinos. The quality of H5G’s content should only increase as the company learns more and more about its players and their gaming preferences.

About High 5 Games

Developing for the land-based, online, social, and mobile markets, High 5 Games has created hundreds of games that are played on six continents and in more than 150 countries. Founded in 1995 with offices in New York and New Jersey, H5G is responsible for many of the casino industry’s most successful video-reel slot machine games. The company’s social product High 5 Casino is one of the best-performing casinos on Facebook, with more than 1 million active players.