Rapid Rewards Flash Prizes: North America


  • Rapid Rewards Flash Prizes is a promotional system intended to grant in-game Journey promotions to players actively playing select High 5 Games. Players making qualifying wagers will be eligible for random chance(s) of being granted a Journey Promotion (Feature Boost or Super Boost).

Promotional Period:

  • This promotion runs for a limited time only. Keep an eye on partnering casinos and the High 5 Games website for announcements on campaign dates.

How to Win:

During the promotion period, High 5 Games will scan every qualifying wager made. A qualifying wager is any wager made at or above $0.50, while playing a promotional game. Every wager will have a chance of winning based on the time elapsed in the campaign and the cumulative value awarded to players during this campaign.


High 5 Games will guarantee a total overall prize pool value of $100,000 in promotions. Upon being selected a winner, a prize will be randomly drawn from the pool of prizes for the appropriate game, with more valuable promos being awarded if necessary to hit the targeted cumulative value by the end of the promotion period.

Journey Promotions Values: Each game will have multiple promo-value options. Feature Boost and Super Boost promotions require the player to wager real money but increase the value of potential wins giving the promo an overall theoretical value. Its theoretical value will be deducted from the overall Prize Pool value

Prizes will continue to be given away until the total $100,000 is drained by close of the promotional period. To ensure the full $100,000 is awarded, this will be structured as a “must drop” style feature. This means that there will be an increasing probability, as a function of time and remaining value, such that the total value is virtually guaranteed to have paid out by the end of the promotion period.

Once a player has been granted a Journey promotion, they will receive a popup informing them of the parameters of the promo they have been granted. Upon acknowledging the popup, the journey promo will begin and remain active until it is completed.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You must be 21 years of age, or of applicable legal age in the jurisdiction you reside in (whichever the greater), to take part in this promotion.
  • Any prizes won will be yours to keep with no wagering requirements.
  • No Opt-in for this promotion is required.
  • This promotion start and end times will be announced a few weeks before the start of the campaign.
  • This promotion is a cross-network campaign, meaning that it includes customers from multiple casino operators. The promotion scales as more casino operators sign up.
  • The minimum bet to participate is $0.50.
  • Each player with a minimum $0.50 real money spin on any of the qualifying games during the promotion period will qualify for the promotion.
  • A player can win multiple prizes each day.
  • This promotion is open to customers in all markets where such promotional activities are permitted.
  • Any prize Journey Promotion not collected by the end of the promotion will remain pending until the player starts their journey promotion.
  • All winning accounts are subject to standard Fraud and Security checks to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions stated before any prizes are processed.
  • If the account is for any reason closed, or self-excluded during an ongoing promotional period, the customers would no longer be eligible to participate in any prize draws or claim any prize draw prizes.
  • In the event of any dispute, the operator’s decision will be considered full and final.
  • Promotional offers are intended to enhance your enjoyment of the games and any attempts to abuse this promotion will not be tolerated and may lead to the forfeiture of any prizes won, as well as an immediate exclusion from any future promotions.
  • H5G reserves the right to alter, suspend, cancel or withdraw this promotion at any time. Any changes to the promotion will be published in these rules. It is the entrants’ responsibility to check for changes and updates. Any players who have been materially affected by the changes will be notified.
  • General Terms and Conditions apply.
  • These terms and conditions were last updated on 20-July-2023 at 12:45 CET.
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