March 23rd, 2018
Miyuki and Friends is an Anime Slot Game that Deserves your Attention!

TechShout listed High 5 Games’ Japanese-style slot Miyuki and Friends as the top 5 anime slot games you can play on your phone!

Covering the latest news about smartphones, apps, video games, and more, tackles the vast work of online casino gaming platforms that have opened the door for anime-themed online slot games. Listing off the top 5 anime slot games you can play on your mobile phone, High 5 Games very own Shake the Sky Casino slot game made the list!

You never know what will happen with Miyuki and Friends. While playing in the garden with her imaginary friends, Miyuki was unaware what was about to happen to her. Suddenly, Misto and Gachi, two of her made-up pals, appeared in person and whisked her away to another world! Join Miyuki and Friends on a magical trip you will never forget on Shake the Sky Casino! Super Stacks with Multipliers lead to big wins for the whole group.

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